The Grammar Teacher's Activity-A-Day

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The Grammar Teacher's Activity-A-Day

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The Grammar Teacher's Activity-A-Day

Grades 5-12: 180 Ready-To-Use Lessons to Teach Grammar and Usage

Quick, daily classroom lessons for improving students' grammar and writing skillsThis must-have resource features 180 practical, ready-to-use grammar and usage lessons and activities-one for each day of the school year. The activities included help students in grades 5-12 to acquire, improve, and expand their grammar skills, and become more adept and confident writers. Veteran educator and best-selling author Jack Umstatter helps teachers to familiarize students with the type of grammar-related content found on standardized local, state, national, and college admissions tests.Includes ready-to-use, yet comprehensive and authoritative activities for use as sponge activities, extra homework, or regular daily lessonsReproducible lessons are designed to be non-intimidating and clear for studentsOther titles by Umstatter include "Grammar Grabbers!," "201 Ready-to-Use Word Games for the English Classroom," "Brain Games!," and "Got Grammar?"

Tips for educators on how to best utilize each specific topic or lesson are included for easy classroom instruction.

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