Approaches to Translation

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Approaches to Translation

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Approaches to Translation
There are two approaches to translation:

  • Formal equivalence: Formal equivalence implies word for
    word translation or literal translation. It translate not only the
    exact appearance of vocabulary but also the idioms and grammatical
    structure used in the original. This creates a problem because
    idioms are expressions that have meaning which is quite different
    from the actual meaning of the words used in the idiom. For example,
    the idiom "top notch" implies excellent while in simple
    English it represents the top notch of a stick. The drawback of
    formal equivalence is that idioms or phrases can mislead or confuse
    the reader.

  • Dynamic equivalence: Dynamic equivalence, also referred
    to as functional equivalence, implies the essential thought
    expressed in the source text. This include, if necessary,
    literality, original sememe and word order, the text's active vs.
    passive voice, etc. It is not following a word for word translation
    but changing, adding, or subtracting from the original text to make
    it look as the translator sees fit.


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