What is Translation?

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What is Translation?

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What is Translation?

is the process in which a written communication or a text in a first
language is produced as the written communication or text in the second
language interpreting the same meaning. Here the text in the first
language is the "source text" and the equivalent text that
communicates the same message is the "target text" or "translated
text". Initially translation has been a manual activity. Today,
together with manual translation, there is also automatic translation of
natural-language texts, which is referred to as machine translation or
computer-assisted translation which use [color:8040=blue ! important][color:8040=blue ! important]computers
as an aid to
translation. Translation is one way to bring the world closer.

Origin of the term
Etymologically, "translation" refers to "bringing across"
or "carrying across". Originated from the latin word "translatio"
, the perfect passive participle of which is "translatum" or "transferre".
Trans implies "to transfer" and "ferre" implies to "to
carry to bring across". For the modern Roman, Germany and Slavic
European language, the word "traducere" is used for
translation which implies "to bring across" or "to lead
across" in English. The Greek term for translation is "metaphrasis"
which implies "a speaking across". "Metaphrase"
implies a word-for-word translation or literal translation while "paraphrase"
in Greek means a saying in other words.

Factors to take in Consider for Translation
Translation is not so easy as it sounds to be. Moreover, translation
does not mean a simple word for word for correspondence between any two
languages. It is not a mechanical process where each word is translated
to the target language. Rather, many factors are to be taken into
consideration to get the exact output in the target language. The
factors are as follows:

Beside the above factors, to get the final document all activities
are equally important like

Translation requires a complete understanding of the customs and
lifestyle of a group of people so as to translate in a manner that
communicates to that culture's world view.

Approaches to Translation
There are two approaches to translation:

Success of Translation
For the success of translation, four requirements are to be fulfilled:

Types of Translation Services
There are various types of translation services that can handle various
types of written work. Translators can be contacted through language
schools or universities. You can get in touch with with freelance
translators through such schools or universities or there are staff in
such universities who regularly take on translation work. There are many
translation companies that can address one's needs. Also, you can use
[color:8040=blue ! important][color:8040=blue ! important]software, which can cover more basic translation needs.
Further, one can also recruit translators through any of the above
resources to conduct oral translation as required. The various
translation services offered by translation companies are as follows:

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